Rick Dillon's Weblog


I’m Rick, and Killring is a simple site that serves as a clearinghouse for my writing and research. Posts are often essay-length writings, so they can be infrequent and sometimes quite long, depending on the topic.

I’m an Emacs user, which perhaps explains why I thought Killring was sort of a neat name for my blog. Back when I used a CMS for my site (Wordpress), I’d draft all my posts in Emacs and then cut-and-paste them into the web editor for my site, so every post passed through the Emacs kill ring. I mused one day that it might be neat to write a hook that detected really large kills in Emacs and automatically send them to my blog, effectively making the kill ring a blogging platform. I made this site instead.

Killring has always been a static site, generated from markdown posts that I draft in Emacs. It was powered by Octopress for quite a long time, and then by Poole and Lanyon.

In late 2015 I ported all the content over to Org mode and revamped the site for simplicity as a basic Org mode project.

In 2016, I moved to Hugo for its blinding speed, in hopes that reducing the friction between writing and publishing would facilitate more writing.

If you notice bugs, please let me know!